As seen in…

Brand references include:
 GoPro, Hennessy, Nike, Pantene, FNAC, Samsung, Fashion TV, Chocolate Schubar, NYX Cosmetics, GAP, Bvlgari, Magasins BUT, Parc Asterix, Bache-Gabrielsen, In Situ, Tungstene, Poyz&Pirlz, Tamboobamboo, Prizm, Frassyrags & Befrassy, Auralys, Dessine-moi un soulier, New Love Club, Anita Jakobson, Mademoiselle S., Louie – Louie, Peelgi, MAMAMA, Sabine Kerbidi, Aspara Phnom Penh, Hung Muy Kieng, Jule et Lily, Mutebyjl Coat Designer, ZOO&CO, Everlife Paris, EQ1 Real Estate, PDM Closet…

Magazine and webzine references: GQ, Spray, Modzik, Journal de Siem Reap, Paris Mag, ELLE, Moviecreation, Avangardiste, Grazia, Khmerican, Sovrin Cambodia, Les Hommes Cambodia, Ladies Cambodia, WATM magazine, VSD Magazine, sixandfive webzine, OPEN MINDED le blog, Jungle GYM magazine, Cyclones Mag, Street Dandy’s, Bigshotzine, NOED PAP’ blog, Closeup mag, Lao fashion magazine…

Contact at [email protected] for full resume.

Acting/TV/Short movies:

  • Miss Cambodia TV Show on Apsara TV, 2009
  • Supporting for Hennessy (LVMH), 2010
  • Téléthon web campaign, 2010
  • Clip for PANTENE starring Les Chanteuses, sept 2010
  • Principal in “Le Puzzle” by Levelcrou (starring Norman Thavaud, Hugo Dessioux and Kemar) Episode 2, 2010
  • Principal, Cathy Thompson for “Le Puzzle” par Levelcrou (starring Norman Thavaud, Hugo Dessioux and Kemar) Episode 3, 2010
  • Supporting for “Peut être que peut-être”, Patrick Fiori, 2010
  • Principal, Mélissa for “Neela”, 2010
  • Principal for the movie clip Electrogroove, John Jones, 2010
  • Lead actress, movie clip Dhak Dhak Dile from Sat Sandhu , TV in UK, 2010
  • Supporting, Clip “Rien que toi” Mister Well feat Claudia di Marco, 2011
  • Supporting, “I believe in you” David Coroner feat Natascha, 2011
  • Lead, luxury Cognac Bache-Gabrielsen, starring Teki Latex from TTC, 2011
  • Principal, “La naissance du love” “Hugo tout seul”, 2011
  • Principal, Clip Sound Pellegrino (Teki Latex et DJ Orgasmic) for Bass Face, 2011
  • Principal, Publicité vidéo POYZ&PIRLZ, June 2011
  • Lead, Fashion-TV for Chocolate Schubar, summer 2011
  • Principal, “Blood Dust” production Cut&Cut Factory, 2011
  • Principal, “la Maladresse”,  Mistertel, august 2011
  • Lead, “Jennifer”, Nutopic, 2011
  • Principal, “la Rentrée”, Hugo tout seul, september 2011
  • TV commercial for adventure parc @Tashan Park, CC TV China, october 2011
  • Principal for Société Générale, “Hugotoutseul à l’heure du permis de conduire”, episode 1 and 2, april 2012
  • Video campaign for Magazins BUT, september 2012
  • Clip “You remember me”, Woowoos, may 2012
  • Video campaign fitness pour Auralys, june 2012
  • Video Campaign POYZ&PIRLZ , collection june 2012
  • Clip “Le Sport”, Cuizinier, june 2012
  • Lead for Video Campaign for Fuu, june 2013
  • Clip “Barbara”, Ichon production Myth Syzer, july 2013
  • Video campaign Le Ptit Galopin, juin 2013
  • Video campaign electronic cigarets, august 2013
  • Video for Apsara Phnom Penh, 2014 (Cambodia)
  • Campaign for Prizm, october 2014
  • Background for “Ange et Gabrielle” featuring Patrick Bruel, november 2014
  • Lead, Irina for French Russian short movie, december 2014
  • Stunts and lead for TV campaign for HF Prévention featuring Jean-Claude Dreyfus, february 2015
  • “Des inventions et des hommes”, M6, july 2015
  • Stunts (fire weapons and fights) for the short movie “Raining Blood”, august 2015
  • Video campaign for EQ1 Real Estate, San Jose, april 2016
  • Principal for the Cambodian TV show “We are one” episode 5, April 2017
  • (To be updated)